If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please register below, or contact our office with any questions.


2nd Friday of each month, 2pm-5pm

The EPICENTER partners with the Maryland Food Bank to give away over 7,000 pounds of food each month to those who need it. In addition, several healthcare services are offered, such as free Chiropractic care, dental care, screenings, and many more.


Mondays and Thursdays, 10:00am -12:00pm

Showers in Transition exists to empower individuals who are facing homelessness, who are at risk of facing homelessness, or who are in transition by:

Providing basic hygiene opportunities with private bathrooms and showers

Connecting individuals with case management and other helpful resources

Providing compassion and encouragement as individuals journey toward a more optimal quality of life

Treating each and every shower guest with the utmost dignity and respect


Mondays, 10am – 3pm & 6:30pm – 8:30pm.

Tuesdays, 12pm – 3pm, Wednesday-Friday 10am – 3pm.


The EPICENTER is pleased to offer the basketball gym for members of the community to play during the day.

Register and sign a liability form in person during Open Gym hours.



Saturdays 9:30am

COST: $3

The EPICENTER is pleased to host EveryDaie Fitness, featuring certified instructor Daie Henry. Not a dancer but LOVE listening to sounds while busting out some serious cardio?  With its plateau proof formula, this class is designed to give you the most bang for your workout.  New to working out? No Problem! Modifications are shown so that YOU can work at your level! Just bring a towel, a mat, and LOTS of water!

Walk-ins welcome!


Tuesdays 6:30pm

COST: $40 for the 10-week session or $5 per class.

The EPICENTER is pleased to host EveryDaie Fitness Zumba, featuring certified instructor Daie Henry. New to working out? Need some extra Spice in your workout? Then Zumba(r) Fitness is for you!!! You can lose weight and Feel great by dancing to the hottest International songs. Great for ALL fitness levels!!! No dance experience needs! Just be ready to have FUN!

Enroll: Enroll for the class through EveryDaie Fitness’ Facebook page.


Tuesdays and Fridays, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm

Age: 13 years and older

Cost: The initiation fee is $60, which covers the annual registration fee and the first examination. After that, the annual organizational registration fee is $30. The monthly membership fee is $40, which allows that student to train at any and all regularly scheduled classes. Scholarships to cover part or all of the monthly training fee.

The Karate program is part of an internationally recognized organization, called JAPAN KARATE-DORYOBU-KAI (JKR), a traditional Japanese karate organization. JKR is one of the six original karate organization in Japan. Classes are taught by certified black belts & the training program includes strikes, kicks, throws, takedowns, joint-lock techniques, as well as traditional Okinawan weapons. The level of technical difficulty is graduated. The students will learn only those techniques that are appropriate for the students’ proficiency level.

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